Intermittent ball mill

Posted: June 12, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

processing equipment, we have to mention that the intermittent ball mill Mobile Crusher , it’s a special working mechanism led to serious loss of equipment, but the experts, based on years of experience intermittent ball mill during operation to reduce the losses for a lot of friends in the We inquire about the specific details, we will share with you today.
experts tell us that the course of the intermittent ball mill to reduce loss method is very simple, as long as you keep in mind the following five points and the active use can achieve the goal to achieve the purpose in practice.
① ensure concentricity of the installation batch mill each part is important;
② drive pinion shaft and bearing different heart, causing the shaft and the bearing gland friction and heat;
③ intermittent large ball bearing and hollow shaft misalignment , resulting in a hollow shaft and bearing gland friction and heat;
④ If you do not short of oil, check the concentricity of the various parts of the intermittent ball mill were examined host and transmission parts;
⑤ intermittent ball mill gear and the pinion shaft misalignment, gear and motor misalignment, can cause ball bearing overload and fever.
completely summarize these five points during intermittent ball mill work to reduce losses, and I hope we are able to pay attention, a lot of time device failures are due to the details of the operator caused, if we learn more about the mill operation Details will also avoid some unnecessary trouble. Follow mill operational details, attention processing equipment network,


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