The development of mineral processing equipment industry

Posted: June 30, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

development of mineral processing equipment industry.
in grinding, sorting equipment, we should do a good job in the future and develop the introduction of energy-efficient ultra-crushing equipment, should increase beneficiation introduction and assimilation of advanced foreign technology and equipment to work and improve the overall level of technical equipment of iron ore as soon as possible.
such as: magnetic separator, flotation machine Crusher Machine, ball mill, crusher and so on. Consider the same time supporting the development of research coarse tailing technology and related equipment.
should further strengthen the development of effective recovery of micro-fine iron minerals beneficiation of energy-saving devices, including a permanent magnet of the magnetic devices, micro-fine flotation column flotation machine and so on.
because of our lack of mineral resources, especially the poor has led to the exploitation of mineral resources must be refined after beneficiation, it is to save the upcoming shortage of mineral resources, but it also gives our production of mineral processing equipment brought the development environment for the, so that our processing equipment to get a better development.
to more in-depth study of the multi-tube magnetic separator has a multi-stage election performance.
iron over my country’s development of mineral processing equipment to do the next brief description.


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