Overflow ball mill grinding in multistage operations

Posted: July 2, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

overflow ball mill mill equipment is the more typical one Raymond Mill, because the overflow ball mill in a multi-stage grinding operations can be used. Usually overflow ball mill is mainly used for grinding work second and third paragraphs, but in some special cases can also be used for the first stage of grinding operations.
overflow type ball mill mineral particle size generally less than 0.2mm, so it is mainly applied to the two-stage grinding process in the second paragraph of grinding or regrinding intermediate products (ie third grinding). If, when the overflow-type ball mill diameter greater than 3.6mm, and its products will be a slight increase in size, then you can use the first paragraph of grinding overflow type ball mill.
overflow ball mill origin of the name is closely related with their work, because this type of mill is in operation, due to the rotation of the cylinder and grinding media campaign materials will gradually rightward diffusion, and finally from the right side of the hollow journal overflow discharge.
for large-sized ball mill currently has no corresponding specifications spiral classifier to match, so we have to such large-sized ball mill and hydrocyclone closed composition is difficult. To solve this problem, experts have proposed the use of overflow ball mill Raymond Mill, after a lot of trial production, we found that the type ball mill discharge can reduce the content of coarse ore, pulp and thus alleviate the cyclone wear.


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