Reminder: quality Raymond Mill Caution

Posted: July 3, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

quality Raymond Mill is a flour mill introduced from abroad, the current domestic production of more, it was prepared for a variety of ore, coal preparation, such as raw material ore, gypsum ore, coal and other materials The powder processing. After years of practice summed up the quality Raymond Mill Caution below.

1) To enable high quality Raymond Mill powder machine normal, should develop equipment ‘equipment maintenance safe operation of the system’ can ensure high-quality long-term safe operation of Raymond mill Crusher Machine, at the same time have the necessary repair tools and grease and the corresponding accessories. When

2) high quality Raymond mill roller devices than 500 hours or so to replace the roller, the roller jacket of the rolling bearings must be cleaned, damaged parts should be replaced, either manually filling tool pumps and grease gun.

3) high quality Raymond Mill in the use of the process, there should be a fixed charge of personnel, the operator must have a certain level of technology. Raymond Mill high quality prior to installation of the operator must carry out the necessary technical training, understand how to use and use of high quality Raymond mill.

4) quality Raymond mill use for some time, maintenance should be carried while roller grinding ring blade overhaul replacement of wearing parts such as processing, grinding roller device before and after the use of the connecting bolt nuts should be double-check to see if there is loosening, whether to add a little grease.


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