Metal ore characteristics vivianite

Posted: July 21, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

triphylite crystal is monoclinic; look for the blue Crusher machine, green or colorless transparent crystal, with a vitreous luster, a group of fine and fibrous cleavage fracture; hardness 1.5-2.0; specific gravity of about 2.6; streak is white or blue-green; cut crystal can also be bent. In particular vivianite prolonged exposure to light will gradually darken, black, blue iron because the iron is oxidized with divalent transition from power to power with a trivalent, if fresh complete without eclipse blue iron oxide or variable should be colorless, but the degree of oxidation increases so that gradually turn blue even black mineral. So in order to keep the beautiful blue-green triphylite should avoid sunlight, or save it in a dark cabinet preservation, so that iron ore can forever preserve its beautiful blue color.
triphylite is a group of phosphate minerals of similar structures in general, including the blue iron ore, nickel, cobalt Hua Hua,, zinc and arsenic in the water stone. All members have very brilliantly color: blue blue green famous for its iron ore; China has a beautiful purple cobalt; and nickel-Hua is apple green color with a matte finish. Identification of the best features is its shiny bright color, light reaction and crystal habits.

blue ore dressing equipment usually dark blue or dark green prismatic or tabular crystals mode output, most of the crystals is quite small, we must use a microscope to be clearly observed; large crystals quite rare. Associated minerals are siderite, sphalerite, quartz or some secondary ore minerals. Triphylite in many geological environments widespread secondary minerals Quarry Crusher: like a metal-oxide mineralization in pegmatite containing phosphate minerals, the clay sediment and the modern river sediments; sometimes found in pieces of shell or double shell snail fossils.
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