Sand production line to improve the overall production volume

Posted: August 10, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

in gravel production site, the standard sand production line is composed of jaw crusher, vibrating feeder, crusher, conveyor, sand washing machines and other equipment coalition. Production line by the customer based on actual need, and sand and gravel production line is also a small sand production line and large-scale sand production line of points, generally small Quarry Crusher, sand production line output per hour of about 20-300 tons, can meet the market a large part of the customer’s production needs.

Now we claim not only for the needs of single sand production line is now in production, and also continue to improve the quality requirements for the production of sand and gravel aggregate. Henan Limited production of sand production line into the high-tech automation technology, the production of automatic control. The line also uphold the concept of green energy, to ensure production quality and yield of the premise, as far as possible to reduce production costs. The line produced by the sand uniform particle size, grain shape is good, can meet the demand for construction, enough to carry the heavy responsibility of the high-speed railway construction project Sand Making Machine.

rock, rocks, river pebbles and other natural resources are often as we used artificial sand production of raw materials, of course, with the improvement of modern science and technology, we can use ordinary tailings as aggregate production of raw materials , and waste utilization, maximize use of resources reasonably. Health sand and sand production line equipment for the quality of the finished sand effects can not be ignored. For high-speed railway construction sand and gravel materials used, the production of raw materials are high hardness basalt, basalt sand in the process, taking into account its high hardness and irregularities in the production process of wear crusher caused It is very large, and therefore the process needs to be sand on process improvements, reduce equipment wear and tear suffered by the researchers adjusted the sand during crushing shaping capability under the new crushing technology, increasing the system sand production line overall processing power.


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