Circular vibrating screen product road of scientific development

Posted: August 24, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

vibrating machinery industry enterprises had previously been extremely difficult Quarry Crusher, Han relentlessly company by taking the road of scientific development, give full play to the advantages of the industry’s most comprehensive convergence of talent, to promote independent technology accumulation, through a difficult period of change and forge ahead development period, the company’s product range Han also continue to extend the minimum size has increased production and processing, the development of the scale into the production process is now very band.
Tahan company’s core technology is the continuous realization of the ‘super-lifting device, chassis and suspension’ and other major breakthrough, to fill the many gaps in access to vibration Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Award a few years total, the number of high-tech products have been identified government has increased sales contribution rate of 74 percent Quarry Crusher, exceeding the level of developed countries Tahan vibration Machinery Co., Ltd. overseas markets a few years ago from a blank, to sales and earnings for three consecutive years was double the average growth in the market to reap maximum gain Meanwhile, Han vibrating machinery and equipment products company products are also excellent market appeal, overturn the international counterparts a few years consistent product roadmap, formed with European, American product market competition of the new situation.


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