Iron vibrating sieve solve Situation and Problems

Posted: August 25, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

vibration screening machine is the key equipment of iron ore crushing and screening system Sand Making Machine is an important equipment completed in Ekou handling capacity of 8.7 million tons of ore. The emergence of low screening efficiency, crusher cycle load is high, the failure of many other issues in the production process, is an urgent need to resolve the issue. Improvements in technology research, through a careful analysis of crushing and screening system processes and indicators, summarize the factors that affect the efficiency of screening, we proposed to increase the efficiency of the screening program. Key equipment
shaker as iron ore crushing and screening system, in Ekou production often low screening efficiency, sieve clogged sieve structure than cement beams, row ore poor, dusty, sieve material uneven thickness, shaker high center of gravity Sand Making Machine, mechanical failures and more uneven loading, causing the original crusher cycle load, discontinuity, low crushing efficiency, machine vibration, and high maintenance costs, the operation is difficult, complex process . For this reason, in recent years to explore, repeated practice, around low screening efficiency, failure and more problems, conduct research screening efficiency and cyclic loading, and design improvements vibrating screen mesh size, feeding thickness, screening angle , to improve screening efficiency and reduce the crusher cyclic loading purposes.
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