Linear shaker Troubleshooting

Posted: September 14, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

linear vibrating screen machine screening machine mainly refers to the screen frame Sand Making Machine, including the excitation beam, the screen surface support beams, the inlet, the discharge port and the screen side with the help of other components.
its failure mainly structural cracks appear to wear and partial. Wear mainly by the materials and media support beams for the screen surface, fed corrosion, impact and friction mouth and other parts in direct contact with produce. After the screen surface wear frame beams, structural strength will decline, eventually cracks, wear parts and therefore protection is necessary.
linear vibrating screen for fault occurs in the production process of using exclusions, we must adhere to timely, accurate and comprehensive set of principles. Screen machine operating parameters must be troubleshooting test analysis confirmed operating results have been excluded, the vibration system, the screen surface, the spring system failure after treatment commonly used for parts.
vibration system for parts in processing important to note that two or more vibration motor, the exciting force in the same direction of the problem, ensure that the tightening force must ensure that the installation meets the requirements of the installation tightness
replace sieve sieve spring system for parts processing must be done at the same time to replace the symmetrical spring to ensure the screening machine about balance and equal reaction.
fault structure is linear shaker failure of the most difficult, due to wear of metal parts is generally difficult to repair, because of structural parts replacement is difficult, therefore, for structural parts wear problems, must be prevented in advance Sand Making Machine.
structure cracking process commonly used plywood riveted or welded, conduct replacement parts if necessary.


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