Vibratory screening machine technology

Posted: October 9, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

processing equipment for grading spiral classifier, vibrating screen, circular vibrating screen, vibrating screen. Depending on the particular importance of the production process or production line choose the right screening equipment Sand Making Machine. Technical staff to introduce the shaker performance. Shaker (high-grade screen) from the exciter, pulp distributor, screen frame, chassis, suspension springs and sieve and other components composition. Used in mineral processing, coal preparation, chemical, brick, food, pharmaceutical, alkali, fertilizer, paper and other industries in a variety of materials, dry, wet screening, grading, dewatering operations. 1. exciter driven by a drive mechanism for the high-frequency vibration sieve, sieve box stationary. Vibration near resonance system design work, the machine is supported through vibration, so that the ground does not bear the basic dynamic load screen machines do not need to make based on the direct installation or ordinary steel platform to work on a solid flat surface. 2. shaker screen surface vibration frequency 50Hz, the amplitude of 0 to 2 mm, the vibration intensity of 8 to 10 times the acceleration of gravity, is 2 to 3 times the normal mechanical shaker vibration strength. Screen surface is not easy plugging holes, high efficiency, large capacity. Especially suitable for screening fine powder material. Size grading 0.074 ~ 1mm. 3. The screen surface consists of three layers of different composition flexible screen. Steel cord polyurethane network as the underlying support network, laying on top of wire diameter and mesh neither identical double stainless steel wire woven composite web Sand Making Machine. Complex online job network layer, direct contact with material for screening work for the end of the lower composite web network for the dispersion of forces and transfer of vibration to ensure that the work of the network of high screening efficiency and long life. Screen ends with hooks for easy handling and adjustment tension of the screen. Feeding buffer sieve causes the pulp dispersion uniform, avoid direct red 4. shaker vibration transmission link using high quality flexible elastic material, reliable long-term operation; screening machine for the energy-saving products. Only a single exciter power 0.15kW, beneficiation common electromagnetic shaker 2420, the whole power consumption of no more than 1.2kW / Taiwan. 5. shaker screen box side bending steel plate overall shape, not only enhance the overall stiffness of the screening machine and reliability, the device more attractive appearance.


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