Construction machinery

Posted: December 23, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

2012 was already more than half of the construction machinery industry currently operates situation how? Whether a turnaround in the second half? Companies should maintain a posture of what kind of development? The Secretary-General Su mentioned
1 – June entire industry total profit fell 19.85 percent Crusher Manufacturers In Europe 1 – dropped 22.77 percent in April, compared to the industry at present we can see that there have been a little warmth, because by the staff to take vacations and other factors the impact of July this year there have been industry sales lowest ebb. Controls in previous years sales, engineering machinery main product line sales situation in line with previous years, sales law. From the industry point of view the product line, total sales pavers, rollers, excavators, bulldozers fell more obvious, the total amount of powered industrial vehicle sales in previous years, and the difference is not great.
On the export side, although the construction machinery market coolness diminished, but the first half of this year, construction machinery industry, or to achieve a trade volume of $ 12.576 billion, an increase compared to previous years, 5.01%; imports amounted to $ 3.336 billion, down 36.2 percent year on year ; exports amounted to $ 9.24 billion, an increase of 36.9 percent, a trade surplus of $ 5.9 billion, compared to $ 4.38 billion over the same period of growth.
2012 domestic import peak appeared in March and May, with much the same situation in previous years, the domestic export slump appears in this year’s February. Today, the construction machinery industry in a sustained low tide, a good performance in the field of import and export was not easy, according to forecasts Construction Machinery Industry Association, in 2012 export growth will reach about 30%.
9 the beginning of May sales of various products
slow recovery in the first half, the whole construction machinery industry struggling in the cold in the face of the second half of the grim situation, the association will continue to implement ldquo; a task, two key responsibilities, the role of the three, four Great awareness, five first-class rdquo; approach, and vigorously promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry, to improve their core competitiveness, strengthen the standardization and quality management, grasp the industry’s self-regulation work Jaw Crusher Machine In Zimbabwe. The Secretary-General Su told reporters: ldquo; the second half of the country’s macroeconomic policy emphasizes the effectiveness of the principle of steady growth while the central economic work conference proposed for the promotion of the construction machinery industry in the second half of the positive development has an important role. Railways and other infrastructure projects have been started, for a new round of demand for construction machinery products will be a steady rise.
starting from September this year, sales of all kinds of products will remain stable, an increase of slow recovery, most of the products will reverse the negative growth year on year, the annual sales income is expected to remain moderate growth of 12%. Rdquo;
long term country is at an important period of strategic opportunities, national ldquo; second five rdquo; development planning, strategic emerging industries, the western development strategy of regional development strategy and the main functional areas, marine development strategy implementation, will promote economic development.
the same time, countries have taken strong measures to solve the problem of uneven economic development, industrialization, urbanization, information technology and agricultural modernization fast forward, will directly drive the demand of the market, in the coming period, the state will increase the real economy support the development of policy, personnel and capital to invest in the real economy will be more conducive to the overall development of construction machinery industry. Meanwhile, the consumption structure and industrial structure upgrading, the process of deepening reform measures bears a huge demand for construction machinery potential.
Secretary-General Su said: investment is still ldquo; troika rdquo; heavy, infrastructure remains one of the key investments, construction machinery industry has broad prospects for development.


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