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Posted: December 25, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

macro-control effectively inhibit the excessive growth of iron and steel, nonferrous metals, building materials, real estate and other industries. However, the economy of China Machinery Industry Federation figures recently disclosed but dramatic — the first half of this year, industrial output value of the machinery industry grew by 31.2% over last year Jaw Crusher In Turkey. This growth is also showing sales, profits, import and export trade simultaneous growth gratifying scene. Machinery industry 13 major industry is basically more than 20% growth rate, which is the highest growth rate of heavy-duty mining machinery industry, an increase of 47.86%. Faced with such figures
people ask: in the context of macro-control, the growth rate of steel, metallurgy industry service of heavy-duty mining machinery industry ranks first why the whole industry? Recently, the quot; 2004 machinery industry trends Forum quot;, the executive vice president of China Machinery Industry Federation Cai Wei-Tze has done a detailed analysis.
equipment manufacturing industry has quot; time difference quot;
CaiWeiCi said the first half at the national macro-control efforts is large, mechanical industry still achieved more than 30% of high growth, partly because the economy inertia dictates. From the beginning of this year before a new round of economic growth cycle, most machinery enterprises get orders on hand reached historically high levels, heavy-duty mining machinery, too Nigeria Best Stone Crusher Plant Supplier, a lot of orders in hand. Power plant, heavy mining machinery production cycle is longer, as short as one year or as long as several years. Produced by the impact of macro-control, has not been fully transmitted to these industries.
machinery industry will not suffer quot; winter quot;
such an interpretation with a new problem, whether sooner or later give the macro-control a significant impact on the machinery industry?
CaiWeiCi believe that the macro-control will not bring great negative impact on the machinery industry. Since the machinery industry is very wide radiating, many product categories. The characteristics of a large macro-control is with a strong structural adjustment, structural optimization of content, some industry cooling, heating and some industry. Therefore, some demand for machinery industry products has declined, some demand for the product increased. Some industry serve the national macro-control should focus on areas to be controlled, its speed will obviously slow down, certainly related equipment orders decreased. And as farm machinery, food packaging machinery, etc. to the macro-control should intensify support areas, market demand has risen significantly.
machinery industry in a rare market opportunities
Since 2002, the rapid development of the machinery industry is very eye-catching. CaiWeiCi think, mainly due to a rare market opportunities, but also over the years and the mechanical structure optimization industry itself inseparable. China’s economic development has entered the middle stage of industrialization, will remain for a long product for the equipment relatively strong market demand. Of course, this demand can be turned into opportunities for self-development of the domestic machinery industry, machinery industry is inseparable from the efforts of many years.
recent years, machinery industry has made great strides in product structure adjustment and upgrading. Tons CNC isothermal forging presses such as the successful development of the aerospace and services; Chinese enterprises to undertake the Three Gorges Right Bank 2 / 3F-class heavy gas turbine assembly success; and 600,000 kilowatts of supercritical air-cooled power plant equipment made into the actual stage and so on. Meanwhile, the reorganization and transformation of enterprises has also made significant progress. Dalian and Dalian Heavy lifting through the consolidation and reorganization, to sell in the city center of the old factory, invested 1.5 billion yuan to build a new plant, more than 20,000 workers from more than 4,000 people reduced economic efficiency improved significantly; Shanghai Electric Power Holding Company out 6 billion yuan of assets for equity investment community, get rid of state-owned enterprises owned situation, a diversified investment system; substantive involvement of private enterprise state-owned backbone enterprise, Xinjiang special variable controlling Shenyang Transformer, also acquired Shandong Luneng cable, Hunan transformer, Tianjin transformer, forming a rare set of international wire and cable and transformer as one of the Enterprise Group. Currently machinery industry, private enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises have accounted for more than two-thirds of the entire industry sales, profits accounted for ninety percent, the machinery industry to achieve a diversified capital structure. The significance of this diverse industry enhance intrinsic motivation, enhanced ability to respond to market changes.


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