analysis of concrete crusher

Posted: March 29, 2016 in nonmetallic ore

crusher tooth Detailed stress analysis of specific

crushing teeth mesh static method is an effective method of stress analysis fractionation crusher teeth at maximum load may be subject to various forms of analysis. In breaking tooth stress analysis, used physical parameters.

crushing teeth physical parameters elastic modulus / (Nmm-2) Poisson’s ratio mass density / (kgm-3) yield strength /(MPam-2)2130000.286787012152 broken tooth load modeling at different stages in the process of crushing, crushing teeth the surface of each play a different role. In the material biting stage, mainly the first surface to the top edge of broken teeth and broken teeth adjacent to the top surface of the contact material, this time local contact materials and broken teeth top surface in contact with the top surface of the front edge of the broken tooth Manufacturers Of Sand Crushers. After the material bite, broken teeth adjacent top, side, front and back surfaces of the blade is formed by the space, which has a chance to surface material under pressure generated by the reaction, this time with the whole surface of the contact material, or only with these local contact surfaces. Thus, when respectively top, front, back and side load simulation, stress distribution study different facets loading stress distribution, the study suffered broken teeth in all directions at maximum load. Class 8 simulation loading.

finite element analysis results broken tooth stress distribution is top loading, from which can be seen, the maximum stress appears in front of the center of the tooth root, the maximum stress value of 325MPa, below the material allowable stress values. Addendum is broken blade loading stress distribution, the maximum stress appears on the broken edge and a maximum of 113MPa. Visible at the same intensity load, when the use of broken blades were broken, can reduce the overall maximum stress broken teeth. Compare and top edge of the crushing stress that: two broken under stress loading mode at the edge close China Stone Crusher Manufacturers, the two graphs high stress areas distribution patterns are similar. Visible is the top surface of the applied crushing teeth superimposed loads, resulting in higher crushing front tooth root stress.

top loading stress distribution side is loaded by the visible, the maximum stress in the load surface of the tooth root, especially near the broken front tooth root angle, the stress concentration is more obvious, the maximum stress value of 642MPa , lower than the allowable stress values. Stress distribution on the back is loaded, the maximum stress value of 355MPa, appears in the middle of the front teeth broken at the root portion. From the point of view of the shape of broken teeth, top and back surfaces when loading, both of which can have an effect on the front of the tooth root torque, thus forming a front tooth and the root portion of the top surface of the broken blade high loading stress distribution area. While the side load on the side of Akane generation torque Mini Stone Crusher Price, the formation of high stress areas at the side of the tooth root. Since the side surface is inclined forward at an angle, the torque applied to the front side surface of the tooth root portion is larger than the torque acting on the rear of the formation of the stress distribution.


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