Low-carbon technology

Posted: March 30, 2016 in nonmetallic ore

‘Two sessions’ has ended more than two months, the ‘One proposal’ concern, we attracted everyone’s attention, as early as we know it ‘low carbon’ At the meeting, leaders became a hot topic Marble Stone Processing Plant. ‘Recommendations on promoting economic and social development of China’s low-carbon’ by the central government, has been highly recognized National Development and Reform Commission, the instantaneous carbon entered a new era.In recent years, the frequent occurrence of natural disasters, unstable climate, warning people of China is already one of the most serious impacts of climate change affected countries in the world, climate change has become one of the biggest factors in China’s economic development. Jiu San Society Central Committee put forward proposals outset that ‘the development of low-carbon economy to reduce carbon dioxide emissions will be China’s future long-term and arduous task.’ In recent years we have always stressed, ‘green’, ‘green’, in essence, is to speak carbon.

Low-carbon, not so much a new topic, as it is a topic of our concern for a long time; low-carbon, not so much a problem facing our country, rather, this is a global problem; low-carbon, not so much it is a specific technical problem, rather, it is a way of relating to the development of ‘grand narrative’ problem. Politicians from all countries to the public, such as on global warming, the melting of icebergs, Germany unstable temperatures, the seasons are not distinct, earthquakes, greenhouse gas emissions, rising sea levels, etc., are familiar. This is not only in respect of both a ‘people’s livelihood’, and relates to ‘national planning’ problem.Government Work Report ‘two sessions’ proposed that strive to conserve energy and reduce emissions. During its consideration of the NPC members to discuss the government work report that the reason said to be ‘tough fight’ and ‘enduring support,’ explained energy conservation, low-carbon economy great difficulty, tasks prosperity, must unremittingly Attapulgite Powder Vertical Mill.

But ‘the development of a low-carbon economy must create a new cycle of economic evaluation index system, the only way to change local government blind pursuit of GDP growth and the incremental costs of environmental neglect to pay for.’ Throughout the development of low-carbon economy is there are many deficiencies, the most important part is, with the development of infrastructure, construction waste continue to rise each year in construction waste above the high cost, but it did not make good use of resources, for us such a it is the shortage of human resources in developing countries is undoubtedly a more serious loss.According to reports of about three hundred million tons of construction waste generated each year, a huge amount of construction waste take up a lot of land, heavily polluted environment.


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