Jaw crusher device

Posted: June 23, 2016 in nonmetallic ore


jaw crusher in the top bracket for us to find out about, let’s say that the main gear jaw crusher, which is very important for us, but if we want to learn to use, then for which we will be familiar with, and only then will we be able to make our jaw crusher has a certain development: there wedge adjustment device, plate and hydraulic Indonesia Pemecah Batu Plant Informasi Harga, etc., commonly used wedge from before and after the two wedges blocks, former wedge can move back and forth, back against the push plate; after wedge adjustment wedge to be moved up and down, two wedge ramps Backward bonded by moving up and down after the wedge is adjusted so that the screw spout size. Small jaw crusher discharge port to adjust the shim between the thrust plate bearing the rack after use to achieve the number decrease. The above means for adjusting jaw crusher We are very easy to use, we use the process, we install our operating procedures can be done, and we can only achieve our personal values, but also to achieve our country economic development,



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