Care and teach you a few small coup river gravel Sand

Posted: August 8, 2016 in nonmetallic ore

After the user purchased the river gravel Sand, rely on it in order to create greater production efficiency and extend the life of river gravel Sand, we must pay attention to maintenance Vertical Roller Mil Machine Manufacturer. River gravel sand making need to deal with on a daily basis thousands of tons of sand and gravel aggregate, to bring some of this loss will give each component of the machine, so the need for regular inspection and maintenance. For river gravel crusher maintenance should pay attention to some details.1, each class children down to promptly check to see whether the bolts loose, and if found to be tightened.2, periodically open the shell of the internal checks.3, old-fashioned hand pump, a day to host the base and the need for bearings and bearing lubrication components added is less than 60ml oil.4, river gravel Sand for sand, so the working environment will certainly be poor, so check check each seal is intact, to prevent dust entering, affect the production efficiency of the machine.Tips: Only routine of river gravel Sand regular care and maintenance, to make it more long-term use, it is to maximize production efficiency.


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