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European restrictions on fracturing ,shale gas is not yet mined

Boao Forum for Asia 2013 Annual Meeting held in Hainan, at the “shale gas revolution” sub-forum, Total Group Executive Vice President Dai said Cree, in Europe due to the fracturing restrictions, including France and other countries no shale gas mining, this does not mean that European shale gas potential.

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He said, must take to assess the local geological structure, have to decide which the exploitation of shale gas is not economic feasibility.Whether there is the possibility of exploitation of shale gas in Europe, he said, unless the European parties agree, do some pilot projects, or do not know that these resources can be counted as the exploitation of resources for the Total Group.

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Frank Ingriselli: I have a few thoughts to supplement coal shale gas around the world, the development of shale oil between the two are not mutually exclusive, mutual gain.China’s development of coalbed methane also experience or ideas and the United States is very close to, I do not know the specific numbers, the intensity of the development of coalbed methane in the United States still very large, sometimes there are cost constraints, and for CBM infrastructure has already begun construction, the same facilities can be used to shale gas, coal technologies in the energy portfolio, there are some applications.Many of us talked about the potential of Mexico, Asia, the development of shale gas, Europe how to do?Europe will be what kind of situation?I do not know how the current regulatory framework in France.France or in Europe has been a driving force to develop shale gas in Poland, for example, we are concerned about what kind of development in Europe in the next step shale gas development.

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Wearing Cree: here for you just talked about from the point of view of the Europeans to talk about the due to fracturing restrictions, no exploitation of shale gas in France and some other European countries for water conservancy fracturing some limitations, does not mean that no shale gas potential in Europe, just like Zhang talked about it, we need to properly assess the local geological structure, have to decide, the exploitation of shale gas is not economic feasibility.So this is not just resources, resources, of course, is a good thing, but it also depends on the history of oil production, technical conditions and geological storage mechanical aspects of the property, but also to fully understand is not to mining, the situation in Europe and in some places is relatively similar.Our current situation is not so clear, is not the possibility of large-scale exploitation of shale gas in Europe, unless our European parties agree, do some pilot projects, otherwise we do not know these resources can be counted as the exploitation of resources.

Mohamed: I put my understanding of the situation and we share with you, including France, Italy did not intend to exploitation of shale gas, just mentioned, Poland, is generally believed that Poland’s shale gas storage is very rich, so some companies mined to Poland .


400 t/h Granite crushing

Capacity: 400 t/h
Material: Granite
The feed requirement: ≤ 1000mm
Discharge requirements: ≤ 40mm
Major equipment:Vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, vibrating feeder cone break the whole shaker

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Characteristics of the material

Acidic intrusive rocks of granite by K-feldspar, quartz, plagioclase, the a subhedral granular structure or porphyritic structure, massive structure, usually rock strains batholith output.Relating to mineral, precious metals, radioactive elements deposits.Granite difficult to weathering, the color is beautiful, appearance and color can be kept for more than a century, because of its high hardness, wear resistance, in addition to for Advanced Building Decoration Engineering, hall ground, or open-air sculpture preferred material.

Broken program

Higher hardness of granite, rough broken broken jaw, two broken cone break, three broken whole, the production line designed two intermediate silo, two intermediate silo cone crusher and granulator has been a uniform stable feed amount, increase the crusher yield, good grain shape after Granulator Plastic material, improve the performance of the material

Crushing process

  • Chunks of rock or ore silo consists of vibrating feeder evenly sent to jaw crusher (early break) for primary crushing
  • Coarse crushing rock intermediate silo, and then sent by the belt conveyor to feed the material evenly by vibrating feeder to the cone crusher for further crushing
  • Crushed material through the belt conveyor transported to the vibrating screen, the material was sieved into 0-40,40-70, more than 70 three materials, the 0-40mm material transported by belt conveyor to the plastic surge bin.40mm-70mm material as the finished material, greater than 70mm material is transported by belt conveyor to another compound cone crusher crushing.
  • Plastic surge bin materials the material consists of vibrating feeder uniform feed to the shaping machine.Material passes out from the shaping machine sieved material is divided into 0-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-40mm three kinds of finished material.

150 t/h gold crushing scheme

Capacity: 150t/ h

Material: mainly gold and silver mine

The feed requirement: ≤ 630mm

The material requirements: ≤ 15mm

Major equipment Model: vibrating feeder、jaw crusher、 single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher、vibrating screen

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Characteristics of the material

Gold Mine, a means of gold ore – with sufficient levels of gold and can be industrial utilization of mineral aggregates; finger gold mine – gold mining operations place; geological gold deposits – formed by the mineralization of a certain size can be industrial use of gold ore deposits

Crushing program

Gold ore processing production line consists of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, vibrating screen composition, broken broken after the first screening, then the material does not meet the size specifications before entering the intermediate silo, and then by vibrating feeder into three broken with intermediate silo effectively improve the efficiency of the three broken and improve the yield of the entire production line, the gold ore processing production line with high efficiency, low energy consumption, high handling capacity, economic rationality and other advantages.

  • Large material hopper by vibrating feeder into jaw crusher for primary crushing.
  • Coarse crushing material from the belt conveyor to the fine jaw crusher for secondary crushing.
  • Belt conveyor the material sent to the vibrating screen, the material was sieved 0-15,15-80 and more than 80 three sizes larger than 80mm material is fed back into the fine broken jaw, broken again, 15mm-80mm material 0-15mm of material as finished material is conveyed to the intermediate silo.
  • Intermediate silo material transported by the vibrating feeder to the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, crushing treatment materials transported by belt conveyor to vibrating screen.The material was sieved to 0-15 and more than 15 of these two specifications, 0-15mm is finished materials, greater than 15mm material and then return to the middle of the silo again.