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Quarry stone manufacturing collection as well as building waste materials recycling where possible gear is actually produced with regard to top quality combination manufacturing, recycling where possible mineral deposits. Shanghai Zenith is really a expert stone crushing device as well as cone crusher manufacturer within The far east. Shanghai Zenith continuously aims with regard to supplying a number of hydraulic cone crushers, jaw crushers, springtime cone crushers, Substance cone crushers, impact crushers, and much more.

Usually, the They would Sequence Multi-cylinder Hydraulic cone crusher is actually set up inside a crushing signal like a supplementary crusher. The Multi-cylinder Hydraulic cone crusher offers 3 step kinds for the options, that’s, regular kind (PYZ), center kind (PYD), as well as short-head kind (PYB). Usually, regular kind (PYZ) would work with regard to supplementary grind, center kind (PYD) is perfect for tertiary grind, as well as center kind (PYD) is perfect for tertiary grind. Particularly Shanghai Zenith They would Sequence Multi-cylinder Hydraulic cone crusher, it’s hydraulic thoroughly clean hole, hydraulic realignment release starting significantly help the actual procedure, slow up the strength of the function. Ideal mixture of higher crushing effectiveness as well as extremely effective step can make bigger capability compared to additional crushers. Attaining automatic manage.

We primarily create hydraulic cone crushers, jaw crushers, vibrating feeders, and much more. The stone crusher as well as sand producing machine tend to be associated with higher crushing effectiveness, reduced power usage, as well as big efficiency, they’re ideal for digesting numerous supplies within reduced, center as well as higher solidity. Technologies may be the very first efficiency may be the idea which Shanghai Zenith offers usually followed and also the organization evolves by itself and it is devoted to fulfill client requirements as well as simultaneously.




In modern times, the actual quick improvement associated with national infrastructure significantly encourages the actual improvement from the exploration equipment business, the actual building associated with a lot of freeway as well as train demands lots of sand as well as tiny rocks supplies. China’s economic climate is constantly on the create, the actual equipment business additionally keeps growing, device is actually popular within large-scale building, producing inconsiderable factor towards the national infrastructure. Shanghai Zenith like a top producer within The far east, includes a wealthy encounter as mobile crushers south africa well as sophisticated technologies within crushing, screening as well as sand producing machines.

Ore cone crusher is actually created following many years associated with investigation through the specialists within Shanghai Zenith. This performs a good irreplaceable part in a number of good ore gear. The gear may be used within the exploration, creating supplies, metallurgy, transport, coal, chemical substance, as well as environment safety sectors. Ore cone crusher Mixture of the actual spindle, odd, odd bushing, through revolving odd eccentricity, it may very easily put into action several configurations to satisfy what’s needed associated with various mineral deposits as well as exploration. functions big crushing ration, easy framework, dependable operating overall performance as well as inexpensive.


Recently, granitic tiny rocks manufacturing collection within The african continent Shanghai Zenith Equipment Equipment Ore cone crusher to produce achievement once again, this considerably enhances the actual manufacturing capability as well as crushing effectiveness, allowing clients in order to appreciation. Ore cone crusher steady overall performance as well as powerful crushing capability has turned into a remain within it’s exploration equipment marketplace doesn’t drop miracle. High quality demonstrates power as well as support displays the actual mindset. Zenith usually encouraged your own go to.



According towards the nationwide commercial plan associated with centered on helping the power, transport as well as recycleables along with other fundamental commercial improvement, exploration equipment business since the foundation of those support beams ought to be provided concern concentrate associated with nationwide assistance to obtain additional created as well as enhanced. Quarry, exploration each have to make use of stone crushing equipment, for example cone crusher, jaw crusher, impact crusher along with other crushing equipment. Within the long-term exercise, Shanghai Zenith, the organization created as well as produced environment-friendly hydraulic cone crusher not sbm crushing equipment just enhances the actual manufacturing capability as well as crushing effectiveness, but additionally in order to increase the number associated with programs.

Environment-friendly hydraulic cone crusher is really a heightened crushing gear, higher energy, big crushing percentage, higher manufacturing effectiveness, presently available on the market tend to be primarily SMG cone crusher, SMH hydraulic cone crusher, springtime cone crusher, and also the brand new TEXT cone crusher. Environment-friendly hydraulic cone crusher is actually put on concrete mill, exploration, creating building, street & link building, train building as well as metallurgy plus some additional sectors. Metal metal body crusher entire body, with the pc along with FEM evaluation as well as style, which makes it durable body entire body operating, utilizing solid metal spindle, also it may endure the actual crushing pressure obese. Using a big capability, reduce working expenses as well as failing prices.


Apart in the cone crusher available, all of us offer the actual jaw crusher, impact crusher, VSI sand maker, mobile crusher, giving as well as screening device, and so on.. Shanghai Zenith Equipment Gear owns numerous impartial rational home privileges as well as patents. The actual pursuits associated with clients is actually the greatest objective, as well as product sales personnel may last within twenty four hours. Encouraged brand new as well as aged client seek advice from to select, as well as all of us provides you with the very best support!


With the actual good and the bad associated with improvement within 2013,   Philippines’s crushing equipment businesses possess surfaced oligarchs powerful more powerful, less strong removed. Equipment production business is becoming required for Philippines’s financial building business, the actual industrialized nations offers walked to the " info culture, " may connect excellent significance towards the improvement associated with devices.

Gravel crushers-cone crusher made by Shanghai Zenith performs the best overall performance to match a myriad of crushing procedure: through unique rough crushing in order to good crushing, through set crushing in order to mobile crushing train station. Zenith continuously enhance Ur & Deb technologies, the brand new gadget will get passionate reaction range of motion household as well as international marketplaces on the actual listings. Gravel crushers are utilized thoroughly through the combination as well as nutrient digesting business. The actual hydraulic canister allows metal feel the crushing hole. The actual hydraulic hole cleansing trip is actually lengthy and it has absolutely nothing related to the actual lining put on, decreasing function fill associated with cleaning blocked supplies within crushing hole. Hydraulic engine hard disks realignment sleeve ( set cone lining ), to be able to precisely change release starting.

Shanghai Zenith is really a expert producer associated with stone crushers as well as stone crushing vegetation, for example gold ore equipment, Tiny rocks crushers, Nutrient cone crusher, coal crushing grow, along with other quarry crushing tools. Complete technique claims as well as danger checks are ready for each work carried out. Insurance coverage records, gear check records are supplied. What ever you are considering inside your unique displays, all of us may make sure that it is built to match your needs.



With the actual improvement associated with urbanization and also the building associated with high-speed train, freeway, nuclear energy grow as well as protection real estate and also the growing expense associated with drinking water conservancy task, the marketplace needs with regard to mining machinery is going to be greater as well as greater. Zenith can make customized sensible sand producing manufacturing procedure based on customer’ utes need as well as energy-saving stone crushing sand producing products mobile crushers south africa that’s created will save power through 50 compared to conventional sand producing device and it is a very sophisticated gear.

Shanghai Zenith is really a trustworthy as well as dependable manufacturer because of its top quality as well as great production. Shanghai Zenith manufacturing associated with VSI sand producing machine includes a really substantial financial effectiveness within the generating procedure. VSI sand producing device is actually also called sand producing device, it’s a higher effectiveness crushing gear along with household as well as worldwide sophisticated degree produced by the organization following presenting United states Barmac company’ utes well-known ” rock stone” crusher concept as well as technologies.


Compared along with conventional sand-making devices, for example hammer crushers, move crushers, ball mills, and much more, the VSI sand producing device includes a greater sand-making percentage, and may create cubic form completed items. The actual number of Sand Producing Crusher may be used broadly within fineness busting job with regard to rock, cobble, non-ore and so forth. Presently, Shanghai Zenith manufacturing associated with a number of stone crusher gear happen to be prepared to the sand required gear.


Because from the granitic higher solidity, wear-resistance, leading to granitic exploration, crushing procedure harder, the actual deliver about the granitic crusher, put on opposition along with other required needs will also be high. Whole granitic stone manufacturing collection primarily includes vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, exploration vibrating screen, belt conveyor, impact crusher sand producing device along with other gear that’s essential. To be able to satisfy the digesting requirements associated with various clients, could be designed with cone crusher, dirt elimination gear. Such as jaw crusher, impact crusher as well as sand producing device may be the primary associated with granitic stone manufacturing collection gear.

According towards the outcomes of a sizable quarry providers demonstrated jaw crusher along with higher -strength supplies, sophisticated production technologies, along with greater structural power, gear dependability, higher crushing percentage, greater produces as well as reduce general expenses, and so on. benefit; Impact Crusher is really a flexible, higher manufacturing effectiveness, item kind exceptional power effective feed crusher; VSI sand producing device along with higher deliver, may successfully manage the merchandise combination feed form, and may bulk manufacturing in order to Freeway, high-speed train higher power cement utilizing sand. Compared to marketplace hammer sand device, single-ended hammer crusher along with other energy-saving 30%, and it is really ideal for higher solidity associated with granitic, basalt, diabase, water tiny rocks, and so on. damaged.

Shanghai Zenith equipment gear to supply the clients along with total limestone quarries, granitic tiny rocks sand digesting program to enhance it’s item high quality sand as well as tiny rocks combination. Zenith manufacturing associated with crushing tiny rocks, sand digesting gear range associated with provide consists of belt conveyor, vibrating feeder, sand recuperation program. Along with these types of amenities, just about all the organization additionally offers tech support team as well as installing of customized automatic manage digesting program.



Crushing sand producing equipment unequal basis from the household marketplace, the caliber of the gear there’s a large space, to be able to make sure the actual manufacturing associated with high-quality sand as well as tiny rocks combination, traders tend to be more worried about the caliber of the gear, sand producing business in the present improvement pattern, each power preserving as well as effective crusher, sand producing device items may be the long term from the business top Ur & Deb path, To be able to make sure the caliber of the actual task, their state mobile crushers south africa from the system utilizing a regular sand challenging to satisfy the conventional, you have to make use of a dependable status with regard to high quality synthetic sand digesting gear.

Shanghai Zenith participate in synthetic sand digesting business for several years, Sand crushing manufacturing of numerous kinds, Design is actually total, continuously discover brand new suggestions, to build up exploration manufacturer, as well as positively enhance manufacturer competition, created crusher, sand producing machine, Crushing sand producing gear, mobile crusher train station for that quick improvement from the commercial infrastructure in order to bring about supply high quality sand as well as tiny rocks combination for the national infrastructure improvement, warmly made welcome through household as well as international marketplaces.


Shanghai Zenith manufacturing associated with Crushing sand producing gear cone crusher, jaw crusher offers superb overall performance in neuro-scientific synthetic sand manufacturing, has turned into a freeway, train, along with other big building tasks are crucial with regard to damaged gear, belief within technology is actually very carefully grown primary expertise within the style associated with revolutionary, leading-edge technologies to maintain the merchandise, as well as continuously produce items associated with worldwide high quality.


Product Introduction

Base on years’ knowledge and technologies, Zenith spiral classifiers are made to provide probably the most efficient pool region and overflow velocity requirements. It truly is extensively applied to separate the particles into several solutions graded as outlined by size inside the total closed loop with each other with ball mill in the mining market, separate light particles from heavy particles inside the gravity separation process, separate of fine particles and liquid from coarse particles in the metal ore dressing method, separate the slurry or liquid from strong particles in ore dressing plant.

Fl Spiral Classifier            WEB-FL-spiral-classifier

Product Advantages

  • High classifying efficiency;
  • Heavy duty, long workinglife;
  • Continuous spiral raking;
  • Wide option of tank design and style;
  • Wide option of weir height;
  • Rigid tank and substructure;
  • Powerful self-contained spiral lifting device;
  • Wide range of industries serviced;
  • Low power consumption;


Spiral Classifiers are often suitable for the following scenarios:

  • Separation of fine particles and liquid from coarse particles
  • Separation of light particles from heavy particles
  • Separation with the particles into many solutions graded in line with size
  • Separation of liquid from strong particles

Technical Data

Type Model Specification Spiral diameter(mm) Ratoary Speed(r/min) waterTank Slant Angle Capacity Driving Motor Elevating Motor Weight
Length (mm) Width (mm) (°) Overflow Returning Power (kw) Power (kw) (T)
High weir single screw FLG-5 φ500 500 8-12.5 4500 555 14-18.5 32 143~261 1.1 1.6
FLG-7 φ750 750 6-10 5500 830 14-18.5 65 256~564 3 2.9
FLG-10 φ1000 1000 5-8 6500 1112 14-18.5 85 473~1026 5.5 4.4
FLG-12 φ1200 1200 5-8 6500 1372 14-18.5 155 1170~1600 5.5 1.5 8.8
FLG-15 φ1500 1500 4-6 8265 1664 14-18.5 235 1140~2740 7.5 2.2 11.68
FLG-20 φ2000 2000 3-3.5 8400 2200 14-18.5 400 3890~5940 11or15 3 20.45
FLG-24 φ2400 2400 2.5-4 9130 2600 14-18.5 580 6800 8.5 3 25.65
FLG-30 φ3000 3000 3.2 12500 3200 14-18.5 890 11650 22 4 37
High weir double screw 2FLG-12 φ1200 1200 6 6500 2600 14-18.5 310 2340~3200 5.5×2 1.5×2 15.84
2FLG-15 φ1500 1500 2.5,4.6 8250 3200 14-18.5 470 2280~5480 7.5×2 2.2×2 22.1
2FLG-20 φ2000 2000 3.6-5.5 8400 4280 14-18.5 800 7780~11880 11×2 3×2 36.4
2FLG-24 φ2400 2400 3.6-7 9130 5100 14-18.5 1160 13600 2×18.5 3×2 45.874
2FLG-30 φ300 3000 3.2 12500 6300 14-18.5 1785 23300 2×22 4×2 73.03
Immerged single screw FLC-10 φ1000 1000 5 8400 1112 14-18.5 75 473~1026 5.5 0.4 6
FLC-12 φ1200 1200 5-6.7 8400 1372 14-18.5 120 1170~1630 7.5 2.2 11.02
FLC-15 φ1500 1500 2.5-4.6 10500 1664 14-18.5 185 1830~2740 7.5 2.2 15.34
FLC-20 φ2000 2000 3.6-5.5 12900 2200 14-18.5 320 3290~5940 11or15 3 29.06
FLC-24 φ2400 2400 3.6 14130 2600 14-18.5 455 6800 18.5 4 37.267
FLC-30 φ3000 3000 3.2 14300 3200 14-18.5 705 11650 30 4 43.5
Immerged double screw 2FLC-12 φ1200 1200 6 8400 2600 14-18.5 240 2340~3260 7.5×2 1.5×2 19.61
2FLC-15 φ1500 1500 2.5-4.6 10500 3200 14-18.5 370 2280~5480 7.5×2 2.2×2 27.45
2FLC-20 φ2000 2000 3.6-5.5 12900 4280 14-18.5 640 7780~11880 11×2 3×2 50
2FLC-24 φ2400 2400 3.6 14100 5100 14-18.5 910 13608 2×18.5 4×2 65.283
2FLC-30 φ3000 3000 3.2 14300 6300 14-18.5 1410 23300 2×22 4×2 84.87