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Our organization is actually devoted to generating crusher, sand producing device, milling device as well as tiny rocks sand manufacturing collection gear along with other big equipment as well as gear. Household producers associated with gyratory crushers tend to be numerous.

Gyratory crushers may be the most recent era crusher that’s produced by the organization following within the assimilation associated with international sophisticated technologies as well as mixing along with particular exploration problems associated with sand as well as tiny rocks business. The only real distinction associated with Various kinds of cone crusher may be the designs associated with powerful cone as well as set cone will vary and therefore cross-sectional designs from the crushing step will vary as well as dimensions associated with giving as well as discharging supplies won’t be the same.

Of the actual rotor from the gadget as well as elevated pounds from the rotor. Shanghai Zenith is really a joint-stock business that’s specific within generating big as well as moderate crushing, sand, milling gear using the trinity associated with investigation, manufacturing as well as product sales and it is the reliable organization.



With The far east is quick financial improvement, the actual improvement associated with China’s concrete businesses on their own are incredibly restricted, the actual concrete business may encounter issues improving as well as restructuring business, concrete business should positively change the actual commercial knot, the actual higher power usage, higher air pollution through conventional sectors to wash as well as effective on-site along with business modifications, Shanghai Zenith encounter of the trend, continuously speed up the actual change as well as improving associated with technologies, Shanghai Zenith pioneered the actual marketing associated with concrete as well as tiny rocks business businesses in order to key in the actual downstream business string expansion associated with long term marketplace developments.

Shanghai Zenith launched crusher gear may successfully accomplish the actual tiny rocks combination crushing, businesses launched the most recent type of tiny rocks crusher employed for crushing tiny rocks combination, speed up the actual change as well as improving associated with technologies, these devices may successfully accomplish materials damaged, has taken excellent advantages for that town is financial improvement, Zenith tiny rocks crusher utilizes sophisticated technologies in order to speed up the actual change as well as improving associated with technologies, not just to supply clients along with all kinds, total versions crushing gear, but additionally towards the town using the excellent financial advantages.

Shanghai Zenith tiny rocks crusher to offer the manufacturing associated with concrete business in order to diversify from the solitary path associated with business improvement, Shanghai Zenith warmly encouraged brand new as well as aged clients to go to.


Gabbro Cone crusher functions higher decrease ration as well as large digesting capability. The actual completed item is within cubic form, along with higher data compresion strength however reduced hook form paticles as well as mo inner space. Gabbro Cone crusher easily obtainable in low cost, you will find primarily regular kind as well as short-head kind based on various release dimension. As well as usually cone crusher with regard to gabbro can be used because 2nd or even 3rd phase crusher within metallurgy, street building, chemical substance architectural and so forth.

Shanghai Zenith Equipment Equipment Gabbro Cone crusher was created along with book style theory, using brand new ideas crushing technologies, to satisfy the actual specs from the crushing associated with various supplies, to satisfy the actual " multi-breaking multi-grinding" brand new procedure needs. Gabbro Cone crusher easily obtainable in low cost, this particular device not just crushing percentage, good as well as standard particle dimension, as well as reduced energy usage device, the actual plane demonstrated great software potential customers via large-scale tasks in neuro-scientific nutrient digesting.

Shanghai Zenith is really a expert producer associated with stone crushers as well as stone crushing vegetation, for example gold ore crushing equipment, coal crushing grow, along with other quarry crushing tools. Shanghai Zenith created Gabbro Cone crusher will show bigger efficiency, ideal item type as well as fineness, along with outstanding dependability as well as flexibility. It’s easy to run as well as may provide purchasers more money.


Product Introduction

Floatation machine is primarily applicable for separating non-ferrous metal, black metal, noble metal, non-metal mineral, raw physique and supplies of chemical industry, that are subject to coarse separation, swept separation, fine separation and floatation, so the valuable ore are reclaimed.

flotation machine       WEB-XCFKYF-series-flotation-machine

Product Advantages

The floatation machine has the benefits of big air-absorption capacity and low energy consumption. Just about every cell owns 3 functions: air absorption, slurry absorption, and floatation separation, along with the cells type a floatation separation loop by itself devoid of any auxiliary equipment, and is allocated horizontally, which favors the transform of flow.

  • Large air-absorption capacity and low energy consumption
  • Reasonable circulation of mineral slurry
  • Optimistic structure design & Excellent performance
  • Automatic control Easy to adjust


Flotation machine are primarily used in mineral ore dressing plants, deciding on the worthwhile mine from gangue. It’s applicable for the separation of numerous of mineral ores, such as fluorite and talc, gold ore, copper ore, iron ore and zinc ore and so on.

Technical Data

Model Effective Volume (m³) Dimension of Cell (L x W x H) (m) Diameter of Impeller (m) Power (kw) Air pressure of the min air inlet (kPa) Airflow setting (m³/ ㎡·min) Cacity (m³/min) Weight of Single Cell (kg)
XCFⅡ/KYFⅡ-1 1 1.00×1.00×1.00 0.40/0.34 4/3 >11 0.05~1.4 0.2~0.5 / 0.2~1 920/1056
XCFⅡ/KYFⅡ-2 2 1.30×1.30×1.25 0.47/0.41 5.5/4 >12 0.05~1.4 0.5~1 / 0.5~2 1158/1346
XCFⅡ/KYFⅡ-3 3 1.60×1.60×1.40 0.54/0.48 7.5/5.5 >14 0.05~1.4 0.7~1.5 / 0.7~3 2172/2074
XCFⅡ/KYFⅡ-4 4 1.80×1.80×1.50 0.62/0.55 11/7.5 >15 0.05~1.4 1~2 / 1~4 2375/2100
XCFⅡ/KYFⅡ-6 6 2.05×2.05×1.75 0.62/0.55 18.5/11 >17 0.05~1.4 1~3 / 1~6 3545/3278
XCFⅡ/KYFⅡ-8 8 2.20×2.20×1.95 0.72/0.63 22/15 >19 0.05~1.4 2~4 / 2~8 4142/3857
XCFⅡ/KYFⅡ-10 10 2.40×2.40×2.10 0.76/0.66 30/22 >20 0.05~1.4 3~5 / 3~10 4894/4334
XCFⅡ/KYFⅡ-16 16 2.80×2.80×2.40 0.86/0.74 37/22 >23 0.05~1.4 4~8 / 4~16 6928/7545
XCFⅡ/KYFⅡ-20 20 3.00×3.00×2.70 0.91/0.78 45/37 >25 0.05~1.4 5~10 / 5~20 9200/8240
XCFⅡ/KYFⅡ-24 24 3.10×3.10×2.90 0.93/0.80 55/37 >27 0.05~1.4 6~12 / 6~24 10819/9820
XCFⅡ/KYFⅡ-30 30 3.50×3.50×3.025 0.88/0.90 55/45 >31 0.05~1.4 7~15 / 7~30 14810/13820
XCFⅡ/KYFⅡ-40 40 3.80×3.80×3.40 1.05 75/55 >32 0.05~1.4 8~19 / 8~38 18790/17097
XCFⅡ/KYFⅡ-50 50 4.40×4.40×3.50 1.20/1.03 90/75 >33 0.05~1.4 10~25 / 10~40 22000
XCFⅡ/KYFⅡ-70 70 Φ 4.30×4.10 1.12 90 >35 0.05~1.4 13~50 26200
XCFⅡ/KYFⅡ-100 100 Φ 5.80×4.56 1.26 132 >40 0.05~1.4 20~60 33500
XCFⅡ/KYFⅡ-130 130 Φ6.50×4.90 1.30 160 >45 0.05~1.4 20~60 36200
XCFⅡ/KYFⅡ-160 160 Φ7.00×5.20 1.35 160 >48 0.05~1.4 20~60 42500