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Note zinc alloy heat

The cylindrical body of the bush and the third frame with the transition, in order to prevent rotation of the liner, and the liner upper portion of the tank into a zinc alloy, replacement of the bushing should be formulated actual size of the frame body, since crusher After long hours of work and handling will inevitably result in changes in the relationship with.If the gap is too large will cause bushing rupture.

Conical Bushing

And air eccentric shaft sleeve together to research, zinc alloy injection sleeve to prevent rotation, zinc alloy be filled with all the gaps, due to thermal injection zinc alloy sleeve reason may cause deformation, so check the size of the new cone suit good d1, d2 and B, should be promptly corrected incorrect, manufacturing spare parts should be the actual size of the inner diameter of the eccentric sleeve formulated to maintain the original tie.


  • When the action of the spring into the crusher was not crushed to protect the crusher is not damaged, so the pressure of the spring force of the crusher’s crushing adapt crusher spring in normal operation is not moving, only the fall into the crushing chamber iron overload when lifting the crusher bearing sleeve spring is compressed phenomenon occurs.
  • The upper crusher beating occurred during normal working hours, which is not a normal phenomenon must carefully analyze the causes and take measures to remove, if the error will not be able to compress the spring working properly, but the damage to the parts may occur because of the compression spring will cause an increase in the crushing force.

Causing the upper crusher beating for several reasons

  • mine to mine uneven or excessive given.
  • to the ore contains too much small and powdered ore or humidity.
  • port of discharge gap is too small.

Exposed moving parts of the machine, shield should be added, but the protective cover from the users themselves.


Replacement Cone Crusher Wall

Cone crushing wall is fixed to the conical tapered head on the body, between the casting of zinc alloys, new installation or a new replacement cone crusher wall work 6-8 hours, you should check their retention, should be immediately found loose fastening.


Since the circular plate friction wear, changes affecting the backlash, in order to ensure proper meshing gears must be supplemented with the bottom cover gasket, the gasket should have a thickness equal to the amount of wear of the circular plate.

Bowl Bearings And Seals

Install bowl bearings, taken not to damage the wire rope slinger (hardwood and other objects can be supported on a wire between). Assembly, should be scraping the spherical bearing, crushing cone to ensure interoperability with the bowl in the outer sphere contacts should ensure that 0.35-0.5mm inner annular gap. Bowl around the bush with perfusion of the alloy nail bar fixed to the bowl bearing shelves, bowl-shaped bearing to prevent any rotation along the circumferential direction.Bowl-bearing frame and body with the key (pin) fixed, if found in the work bowl bearing frame and body there is a gap must be dealt with immediately.

Cone Crusher Working Note

    • Ore must be given in the middle of the disk allocation does not permit the ore directly into the crushing chamber.Because doing so easy to make crusher overload, the liner wear unevenly.
    • To the mine crusher maximum size allowed is equal to the mine mouth size (the maximum size of the ore block ≤ 85% to the mine mouth size) otherwise it will lead to:

The right to mine conditions

    • ore distribution plate uniformly dispersed in the crushing cavity.
    • ore can not be fed into the higher levels of rolling acetabular wall.

crusher some other parts damage

  • Not allowed to load starting crushers, load starting will cause an accident.
  • You must first stop to the mining machine and let the ore has been crushed.
  • Crusher work should always check the pressure and hydraulic locking system stops working, identify problems and timely treatment.

Crusher Output

Crusher output, and feeding methods, feeding fragmentation, fragmentation size Pai mine ore physical and mechanical properties, temperature and so on, vary widely, factory output was given under the conditions specified schematic throughput.

Replacement Of Rolling Acetabular Wall

Rolling acetabular wall has a U-shaped screw to adjust the ring between the two injected zinc alloy, so closely integrated with the new installation or replacement of rolling acetabular wall when, after 6-8 hours at work, you should check their retention, U-shaped and re-tighten the screws.

  • When mill equipment used in the working process , it should be fixed staff responsible for the care , the operator must have a certain level of technology. Milling machine before installing the operating personnel must carry out the necessary technical training to enable understanding of the principles of Raymond mill performance , familiar with the rules.
  • To enable the mill to normal, should develop equipment ” safe operation of equipment maintenance system” can ensure the long-term safe operation of the mill , and have the necessary repair tools and grease and corresponding accessories.
  • After a period of use, maintenance should be carried , while roller grinding ring blade repair and replacement of wearing parts such treatment , roller device in use before and after connecting bolts and nuts should be carefully examined to see if there are loose phenomena , whether to add a little grease.
  • Roller device uses more than 500 hours or so to replace the roller when the roller bearing kit must be cleaned of all the damaged parts should be replaced , fuel pumps and tools available manual grease gun.
  • Fineness adjustment , according to the size of the material , hardness, moisture content , the proportion of different processing coarseness is different, adjust the top of the analyzer , high speed, fineness , low speed, low fineness .
  • Improve the fineness , the output will be reduced accordingly , if it is mainly the fan speed when debugging , the user can be flexible .
  • Roller mill scrap ring limit , the remaining minimum wall thickness shall not be less than 10mm.
  • Raymond machine stop, stop feeding, the host continues to He , the residual abrasive grinding continues , about one minute , turn off the master motor and the motor analyzer , stop grinding work , which then stop the fan motor to purge residual powder.

Circular Vibrating Screen Application

Beneficiation technology and processing equipment development is synchronous, circular vibrating screen is not only a technical level technical level best embodiment of the production technology status is also a direct impact on the production process, quality and quantity of equipment and integrated economic benefits.Vibrating Feeder is mainly used in the beneficiation process rough material, a large screening.

The Main Points Of Circular Vibrating Screen

Vibrating sieve material in the net surface moves round the drive selection screen machine simple structure, easy maintenance and flexible flap-shaped coupling plate couplings, universal coupling to overcome the defects are easily damaged; vibrator use eccentric block structure, the structure is simple; it may be supporting the selection of feed box, feed box applications to increase the effective screening area shaker, while extending the life of the feed end of the screen; transmission parts increased intermediate bearing , intermediate bearing application of effective protection of the motor , extending motor life; motor mounted on the left side of the screen frame can also be mounted on the right side of the screen frame; seat of the device is mounted; Screen angle adjustment can be By changing the position of the spring seat height to achieve.

Circular Vibrating Screen Key Advantages

Vibrating Feeder is a kind of multi-layer, efficient new shaker, with processing capacity, high screening efficiency, technical parameters and reasonable, structural strength, high stiffness, reliable operation, low noise, easy maintenance.

Dry sand and wet sand compared to the traditional, what are the differences and performance advantages of it?Dry process production line of sand there is a third-generation sand making equipment and other ancillary machinery and equipment to form a complete sand production line, dry sand through the legal system and the traditional wet sand production, compared with four significant advantages.

  • Dry Process sands operations from their environment and water resources constraints, sand production line configuration more convenient and flexible, especially in the northern winter, it is easy to be wet production environmental impact, low temperature, lack of water can not flow normally After washing sand sand production, and unwashed gravel material in the mud powder content is high, can not guarantee the quality, it will affect the quality of gravel, sand dry method to break geographical boundaries for the production environment, and better adaptability;
  • Dry process production more energy saving sand, sand dry method does not require the production of sand with water to wash the sand, which saves water, but also take advantage of the fine sand of the ingredients;
  • Production of sand and gravel materials with the quality and level to better meet production needs, sand dry method directly using vibration screening equipment will be fine screening, good control of gravel in the fines content for the modern sand and gravel aggregate and provide a high quality production of concrete gravel materials, improve the compressive strength of concrete;
  • Sand dry process production line low energy consumption, simplify the sand washing areas, but the most important is its saving a lot of sand washing water, reduce production costs.

Market Prospects

The data from the survey shows that over the past eight months to conclude: Mining Machinery economy is still in a deep adjustment period, both signs of recovery, there are also faced with shaky foundation, lack of motivation, the problem of uneven pace, to achieve full recovery of the global economy and the health of machinery growth will be a long and tortuous process.

Technological Innovation

high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection

Roller mill and milling system, compared to the energy consumption of 30% to 40% savings; entire system vibration, low noise, and the overall sealing device, the system under negative pressure, no dust spills, clean environment, to meet the national environmental requirements. Changes in the working mechanism, wear is reduced, plant life extension.

save production cost of investment

Because vertical mill system is simple, compact footprint of just ball 50 percent of the system, and can open layout, directly reduce the investment costs of the enterprise.

simple operation, easy maintenance

Equipped with automatic control system, which enables remote control, easy to operate; through overhaul cylinder, turn rotating arm, you can easily and quickly replace the roller sleeve, liner, reduce business downtime.

Innovation-Led Investment

Take the initiative to break the deadlock, only to continuously reform and innovation can be based on market reform and innovation is a pair of twin brothers, the reform itself is a system innovation, technological innovation and grinding standing able to promote reforms.Vertical mill market requires both the current economic system innovation, but also need technological innovation.Reform is also the engine of growth, the reform will promote economic growth, but also to be reflected in the mill areas, investors can successfully seek investment opportunities to grow.

Vibrating screen in old asphalt pavement recycling project

Old asphalt pavement recycling of old asphalt pavement pavement recycling special equipment dug, recycling, crushing, screening, and the regenerant new asphalt, the new aggregate by a certain percentage of re-mixing into the mix, to meet certain road performance and re-paving the road a set of process.With the development of renewable technologies, improve the performance of modern renewable machinery and equipment appeared in succession, the production of recycled asphalt mixture can completely comparable and new mixing the mixture.The results show the old asphalt pavement in situ cold recycling has several advantages.First of all, all the old material in situ cold recycling, saving the amount of new material, but also greatly reduces transportation costs.Second, reduce environmental pollution, reduce energy consumption.Again, a great deal of flexibility in the renovated old asphalt pavement.Both can be made into a layer of pavement structure, and can overlay on the wear layer, or as a grass-roots of the new construction of the road.At the same time, reducing the cost of construction, saving construction time.

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Recycled asphalt pavement construction process can be divided into the surface of regeneration method, mixing plant regeneration method and in-situ cold recycling method.The most promising in situ cold recycling law.

Asphalt Pavement cold recycling method is the use of renewable machinery place shattered the old asphalt pavement materials, and add the appropriate compaction of asphalt and modified materials mixing, the main construction of the road to the old pavement materials technology.Cold recycling mixing plant wears comparison, in situ cold recycling method eliminates the need for recycled materials transportation, milling under the stockpiled material, equipment assembly and disassembly link is not affected by climate, in addition to a small amount of asphalt, the finished material no longer transport, less disruption to traffic.Situ cold recycling machinery and equipment, a computer-controlled renewable materials screening, mixing and crushing system.Jin by the milling drum package scarifying old asphalt pavement material by fighter lifter sent to a level of vibration sieve, weighed into the mixer and emulsified asphalt mixture falls through the sieve conveyor belt, The additives are stirred together, then paving rolling molding.The main material for: Old asphalt mixture, recycling agent, emulsified asphalt, cement, water.

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Construction methods include: the use of cement in situ cold recycling, emulsified asphalt in situ cold recycling and use of cement and emulsified asphalt cold renewable.Cement in situ cold recycling: spreading cement, by specialized cement spreader spreading, spreading quantity of cement is determined based on the experimental data, according to the experience of the amount of cement spreaders from 3.5% to 4.5%.Milling Jin packages and mixing, by in situ cold recycling the machine milling Jin packages and mixing waste asphalt pavement materials and uniform mixing of cement, and then the discharge port discharge from the recycling machine.Milling Jin package materials paving, motor graders and screed leveling, rolling with a suitable heavyweight roller or light wheel roller.Emulsified asphalt in situ cold recycling: First test for detection of the old asphalt material, the construction process and method of in situ cold recycling with cement.

Road reuse of waste in order to save the country’s resources, as the highway mileage, especially the increase in highway mileage, energy conservation, reduce environmental pollution, rational use of road resources, minimize waste mixture stacked and to reduce the cost of pavement engineering, thereby reducing the waste of money and resources saving.

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Vibrating screen in daily use, require regular inspection and maintenance of equipment, so you can extend the life of the equipment, improve production efficiency.

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Here are some of the day-to-day maintenance considerations:

    1. Vibrating screen without oil, each year still in need of major repairs, replacement liner, two screen surface finishing.Vibration motor to be removed for inspection and oil change to the motor bearings, if the bearing is damaged, replace.
    2. Riddles should always removed periodically check the screen surface is broken or uneven, the sieve is blocked
    3. The proposal to create a support frame to hang hanging standby screen surface.
    4. Always check the seal, found worn or defective should be promptly replaced.
    5. Each class check riddles clamping device, if loose should be pressed.
    6. Each class to check the feed tank connection is loose, if the gap is larger, causing the collision, cause the device to rupture.
    7. The class check sieve supporting device to observe hollow rubber mat or without significant deformation or degumming two hollow rubber pads should be replaced at the same time, when the rubber pad is damaged or transition flattening.

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First, buy crusher method depends on manufacturers.Customers can choose the brand reputation via the Internet high quality and reliable crusher manufacturers, however, online information can not believe everything in today’s information age, false information is all over and over is, therefore, essential field visits, some To examine several multi-crusher manufacturers, and enterprise sales and design staff in-depth exchanges on the manufacturers to understand the full range, try to select reasonable prices, excellent quality, brand reputation and high business.If conditions permit, it is best to visit the manufacturer’s production plant, because the production process can also reflect the company’s technology and product quality, is crusher manufacturers strength and quality of the side to prove.

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Secondly, the purchase method depends on the crusher crusher equipment.Many types of crusher models, the choice, do not blindly pursue crusher cheap price, many customers in order to save costs, the purchase price as a crusher criteria, the results will be because just look at immediate and long-term development miss when buying crusher situation constantly only regret; but the client can not blindly pursue the latest most expensive equipment, the latest crusher equipment may not be suitable for every customer, the most important thing is to be processed according to their size and material grain type and the hardness of the material to be processed, humidity, specific gravity and other factors, combined with the actual needs of the election of the right equipment.

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Thirdly, buy crusher method to select the best service.Service for large crusher equipment is very important when the crusher failure to have professional service staff to answer timely guidance to ensure that equipment is the key to long-term stability, so be sure to select the manufacturers to ensure quality service , you can consult the manufacturer’s service network or telephone understanding.

Finally buy crusher method to understand the use of equipment.Can be investigated twelve is using the factory machinery and equipment users, close to understand machine usage, practical understanding of the production and use of equipment, identify their needs, and observation equipment meets their needs.

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