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When Hammer crusher used, we need to hammer crusher for some warranty work, why do we have to do that work, these are our supply and demand in the course we only do all this to be able to make our hammer crusher during use, rain or shine, and ultimately achieve our goals, let’s look at the specific reasons, so we know our hammer crusher Portable Crusher Machine For Sale.

Hammer crusher by high-speed rotation of the hammer, impact and grinding stripping crushed limestone, because the equipment at work for a long time by the impact and friction materials, inevitably rotor component members wear, deformation, damage and loss of normal ability to work. If analysis of the rotor status and life expectancy of work, so that a planned maintenance, overhaul, once the emergency is causing serious damage to businesses across the board discontinued. These are very important for us to use the hammer crusher machine, so we use the process, we make more of our hammer crusher have better development, and ultimately achieve our goals during this period we want to do each job, what do not know if there is, you can visit: / consultation


After the user purchased the river gravel Sand, rely on it in order to create greater production efficiency and extend the life of river gravel Sand, we must pay attention to maintenance Vertical Roller Mil Machine Manufacturer. River gravel sand making need to deal with on a daily basis thousands of tons of sand and gravel aggregate, to bring some of this loss will give each component of the machine, so the need for regular inspection and maintenance. For river gravel crusher maintenance should pay attention to some details.1, each class children down to promptly check to see whether the bolts loose, and if found to be tightened.2, periodically open the shell of the internal checks.3, old-fashioned hand pump, a day to host the base and the need for bearings and bearing lubrication components added is less than 60ml oil.4, river gravel Sand for sand, so the working environment will certainly be poor, so check check each seal is intact, to prevent dust entering, affect the production efficiency of the machine.Tips: Only routine of river gravel Sand regular care and maintenance, to make it more long-term use, it is to maximize production efficiency.

use of a ball mill

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mill wear is very important for us, we are also in the process of using a certain method for ball mill wear, why, when we use these problems that occur, if the emergence of these problems LM Serie Molino Vertical, how should we that resolve, which for us is very important, in order that we can quickly use a ball mill maintenance below us explain to you a little bit about these little secret: our mill wear is actually improper operation, or when we install inappropriate , the installation process we need for our mill have a correct installation, if you are installing a deviation occurs, then we will be worn during use, there is the use of our comprehensive examination must be done, if screw is loose, then the use of such deviation will appear in our mill use will be shaking, the solution is very simple, we imprison screw loose, so we will not be using a ball mill to produce friction and wear of the . whenever we normally use our carefully point, then we mill the course will not be a problem for these small things, and only then will we be able to make our ball reached the world advanced level,

Jaw crusher device

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jaw crusher in the top bracket for us to find out about, let’s say that the main gear jaw crusher, which is very important for us, but if we want to learn to use, then for which we will be familiar with, and only then will we be able to make our jaw crusher has a certain development: there wedge adjustment device, plate and hydraulic Indonesia Pemecah Batu Plant Informasi Harga, etc., commonly used wedge from before and after the two wedges blocks, former wedge can move back and forth, back against the push plate; after wedge adjustment wedge to be moved up and down, two wedge ramps Backward bonded by moving up and down after the wedge is adjusted so that the screw spout size. Small jaw crusher discharge port to adjust the shim between the thrust plate bearing the rack after use to achieve the number decrease. The above means for adjusting jaw crusher We are very easy to use, we use the process, we install our operating procedures can be done, and we can only achieve our personal values, but also to achieve our country economic development,


Periodic inspection Sand

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Sand is put into use, regular checks are essential, especially bearing seal Sand Making Machine Relation, liner, liner wear of the seal to conduct a full range of inspection, heavy remind you to check the time required for the rotor and the liner gap some necessary adjustments.Sand rotors running, the gap between the rotor and the liner can not be adjusted. As the material into a block between the plate and retention plate and shell, it is recommended to re-adjust the gap between the slightly raised frame, such as a feed block becomes loose, easy to adjust the frame. If the increase is not enough adequate, relaxing on the lever pat gap between the rotor and the liner by means of the machine to complete the adjustment Stone Crusher Machine Introduction
, first loosen the set screw, and then rotating the long nut, this time will be the lever upward direction, adjust in tightening the screw sleeve.Heavy is a research, design, production, sales and service as one of the mining equipment, the company with the scientific management methods, improving manufacturing processes to produce sand making machine, sand making production line, impact crusher, jaw crusher etc., attentive service to win a good evaluation of our customers.

Low-carbon technology

Posted: March 30, 2016 in nonmetallic ore

‘Two sessions’ has ended more than two months, the ‘One proposal’ concern, we attracted everyone’s attention, as early as we know it ‘low carbon’ At the meeting, leaders became a hot topic Marble Stone Processing Plant. ‘Recommendations on promoting economic and social development of China’s low-carbon’ by the central government, has been highly recognized National Development and Reform Commission, the instantaneous carbon entered a new era.In recent years, the frequent occurrence of natural disasters, unstable climate, warning people of China is already one of the most serious impacts of climate change affected countries in the world, climate change has become one of the biggest factors in China’s economic development. Jiu San Society Central Committee put forward proposals outset that ‘the development of low-carbon economy to reduce carbon dioxide emissions will be China’s future long-term and arduous task.’ In recent years we have always stressed, ‘green’, ‘green’, in essence, is to speak carbon.

Low-carbon, not so much a new topic, as it is a topic of our concern for a long time; low-carbon, not so much a problem facing our country, rather, this is a global problem; low-carbon, not so much it is a specific technical problem, rather, it is a way of relating to the development of ‘grand narrative’ problem. Politicians from all countries to the public, such as on global warming, the melting of icebergs, Germany unstable temperatures, the seasons are not distinct, earthquakes, greenhouse gas emissions, rising sea levels, etc., are familiar. This is not only in respect of both a ‘people’s livelihood’, and relates to ‘national planning’ problem.Government Work Report ‘two sessions’ proposed that strive to conserve energy and reduce emissions. During its consideration of the NPC members to discuss the government work report that the reason said to be ‘tough fight’ and ‘enduring support,’ explained energy conservation, low-carbon economy great difficulty, tasks prosperity, must unremittingly Attapulgite Powder Vertical Mill.

But ‘the development of a low-carbon economy must create a new cycle of economic evaluation index system, the only way to change local government blind pursuit of GDP growth and the incremental costs of environmental neglect to pay for.’ Throughout the development of low-carbon economy is there are many deficiencies, the most important part is, with the development of infrastructure, construction waste continue to rise each year in construction waste above the high cost, but it did not make good use of resources, for us such a it is the shortage of human resources in developing countries is undoubtedly a more serious loss.According to reports of about three hundred million tons of construction waste generated each year, a huge amount of construction waste take up a lot of land, heavily polluted environment.

crusher tooth Detailed stress analysis of specific

crushing teeth mesh static method is an effective method of stress analysis fractionation crusher teeth at maximum load may be subject to various forms of analysis. In breaking tooth stress analysis, used physical parameters.

crushing teeth physical parameters elastic modulus / (Nmm-2) Poisson’s ratio mass density / (kgm-3) yield strength /(MPam-2)2130000.286787012152 broken tooth load modeling at different stages in the process of crushing, crushing teeth the surface of each play a different role. In the material biting stage, mainly the first surface to the top edge of broken teeth and broken teeth adjacent to the top surface of the contact material, this time local contact materials and broken teeth top surface in contact with the top surface of the front edge of the broken tooth Manufacturers Of Sand Crushers. After the material bite, broken teeth adjacent top, side, front and back surfaces of the blade is formed by the space, which has a chance to surface material under pressure generated by the reaction, this time with the whole surface of the contact material, or only with these local contact surfaces. Thus, when respectively top, front, back and side load simulation, stress distribution study different facets loading stress distribution, the study suffered broken teeth in all directions at maximum load. Class 8 simulation loading.

finite element analysis results broken tooth stress distribution is top loading, from which can be seen, the maximum stress appears in front of the center of the tooth root, the maximum stress value of 325MPa, below the material allowable stress values. Addendum is broken blade loading stress distribution, the maximum stress appears on the broken edge and a maximum of 113MPa. Visible at the same intensity load, when the use of broken blades were broken, can reduce the overall maximum stress broken teeth. Compare and top edge of the crushing stress that: two broken under stress loading mode at the edge close China Stone Crusher Manufacturers, the two graphs high stress areas distribution patterns are similar. Visible is the top surface of the applied crushing teeth superimposed loads, resulting in higher crushing front tooth root stress.

top loading stress distribution side is loaded by the visible, the maximum stress in the load surface of the tooth root, especially near the broken front tooth root angle, the stress concentration is more obvious, the maximum stress value of 642MPa , lower than the allowable stress values. Stress distribution on the back is loaded, the maximum stress value of 355MPa, appears in the middle of the front teeth broken at the root portion. From the point of view of the shape of broken teeth, top and back surfaces when loading, both of which can have an effect on the front of the tooth root torque, thus forming a front tooth and the root portion of the top surface of the broken blade high loading stress distribution area. While the side load on the side of Akane generation torque Mini Stone Crusher Price, the formation of high stress areas at the side of the tooth root. Since the side surface is inclined forward at an angle, the torque applied to the front side surface of the tooth root portion is larger than the torque acting on the rear of the formation of the stress distribution.

According to industry estimates, China’s overall mining machinery and the international advanced level compared to the 15 to 20 years behind. In the 1990s and reached the contemporary international level products, its technical origin mostly in the mid-1980s with the introduction of foreign advanced technology and lower foreign technical cooperation, the continuous digestion, absorption and improve products and services. Domestic market mining machine products in the market share of less than 80% in import products are mostly big Closed Circuit Cone Crusher Manufacturer, fine, sharp and complete sets of strong products, such as Shearer, efficient separation equipment and large-scale crushing and grinding equipment and the whole section joint boring machine and other products.Mining machinery will slow down the pace of developmentAccording to authoritative estimates that China’s economic development in the mid-industrialization, biasing, with respect to speed in terms of economic development, there may be 5 to 10 years or so will finish the road to industrialization. In the process of industrialization in the field of mining machinery, including both infrastructure, there must be a big development, this is a historical opportunity for mining machinery industry. But technology based mining machine industry is not thick, since the reform and opening up, has been in the field of mining machinery market for technology as the main way to improve the level of product technology, will face foreign competitors, especially foreign competitors in the domestic investment to do plant grim situation Carbon Black Raymond Mill. Some experts predict that the pace of development of mining machinery will slow down, so now begin to consider the needs of the post-industrial era mining machinery domestic and foreign markets and not too early.Throughout the development process of countries in the world mechanical design, generally a stand-alone product design – a stand-alone product design process – process design evolution process of complete sets of equipment. Since the division of labor under the system of the past, the general mining machinery manufactured only stand-alone product and manufacturing process design, equipment design done by professional design institutes, stand-alone product technology requirements and to assist manufacturers also made by professional design institute carry out. This has resulted in disjointed equipment manufacturers and equipment sector, to coordinate their contact is through so-called intermediate users (professional institute).Today, medium-sized mining machine manufacturers design department has a stand-alone product design and process equipment design features, thus avoiding the manufacture and use of touch, but also in the internal development of new products will be formed to promote Dry Mortar Production Line technology to research new technology to promote a virtuous cycle of product development, easier to adapt to today’s large-scale mining machinery, as well as the development trend of continuous automation and intelligent.

Caution rotary kiln

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rotary kiln main drive since the DC motor starting torque, speed performance Jaw Crusher Machine In Zimbabwe, a low investment costs, in the domestic cement kiln commonly used direct current drive. Main drive configuration and control principle 1 unit rotary kiln consists of DC motors and DC drives. DC motor to use more special motor Z4 series rotary kiln, now widely used variable voltage control mode, that is, by changing the armature voltage to change the motor speed, thus changing the kiln speed. DC converter control system analog and digital control system.

2 rotary kilns principle of selection has the following characteristics, namely: a rotary kiln at the start, because of their own and thermal reasons, the required starting torque is large, corresponding high starting current, but not high current during normal operation. Rotary kiln when to stop, there is the phenomenon back to the kiln. In an instant stop the kiln, kiln shell reversed due to inertia, kiln speed reducer side is transmitted from the motor, the armature is fast, and instantly make the motor run power state, if the exciting current constant, high anti-electric potential, in exchange surface to form burn marks, even commutator will hit the pits, affecting the service life of the commutato Jaw Crusher In Turkey.

For these reasons, direct drive rotary kiln, the choice of DC converter, and a control program for components and DC drive DC motor means are required. 2.1 Motor selection based on the characteristics of the cement kiln, each DC motor manufacturers generally have dedicated kiln model, and, usually due to a host of kiln rated speed is not high, if the motor comes with fan cooling effect is not good, usually retrofit forced cooling fan to enhance cooling. DC converter rectifier elements 2.2 Selection of basic DC converter using thyristors, SCR itself due to poor flow capacity, the selection should be considered a sufficient margin.

building materials industry

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China has become the world’s largest producer and consumer of building materials, building materials and equipment for the production ranks third in total annual energy consumption of China in various industrial sectors Stone Crusher In Maharashtra. It should be noted, not only consume a lot of energy building materials industry, but also the potential for energy savings huge mouth; both polluting the environment, but is the most consumptive total solid waste, make an important contribution to environmental protection industry. In order to better meet the needs of building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, the development of building materials industry should be based on the scientific concept of development, adhere to energy conservation as the center, the energy development as the top priority of China’s building materials industry, according to the cycle economic development model, taking resources and energy-saving way, in the realization of economic, social, and environmental development, to achieve the sustainable development of the industry itself.
(a) the industry should fully understand the extreme importance of energy conservation.
as energy-hungry industries to fully understand the energy-saving building materials industry is the solution to our energy problems, but also the fundamental way to solve the industry’s own sustainable development.
current industry focus on the implementation of the National Development and Reform Commission and other eight departments ‘Several Opinions on Accelerating the cement industry restructuring’ and the State Office ‘Notice on Further Promoting the wall materials innovation and promotion of energy-efficient buildings opinions’ as the focus, the largest building materials industry Two energy-intensive industries mdash Stone Crusher In Rajasthan; mdash; mdash; a series of major energy-saving measures with structural adjustment of cement industry and wall materials and other industries closely together, and strive to achieve good results.
(ii) accelerate replaced by advanced production technology and production process behind the pace. To ldquo; Eleventh Five-Year rdquo; at the end, so that the proportion of new dry cement over 70%, the actual production will reach nearly 900 million tons, more than double the 420 million tons in 2005; the positive development of new wall materials, and gradually increase the proportion of production and application of new wall materials, and strive to 2010, the new wall materials wall materials production accounts for the proportion of total more than 55%, the proportion reached 65% construction applications. For 5 to 10 years, the basic task of China’s building materials industry to complete the adjustment of industrial technology major structure, so that the situation of building materials and industrial energy consumption are improved.