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Vibrating screen is multiplexed screw-type vibration transducer excitation arising work.Oscillator on the rotating weight of the sieve surface plane whirling vibration, and the lower rotating weight cone rotary vibration screen surface, the effect of the combined effects of the complex rotary-type vibration screen surface.Vibration trajectory is a complex space curve.The curve of a circular projection in a horizontal plane by an oval in the vertical plane of projection.Adjust exciting force, under the rotating weight, you can change the amplitude.On the adjustment under the weight of the spatial phase angle, can change the shape of the curve of the sieve surface trajectory to change the trajectory of the screen surface material.

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Product Overview

The vibrating screen is suitable for the moist fine grade of difficult materials dry sieving vibration screening machinery and equipment, domestic processing difficult materials vibration screening machinery and equipment.Shaker with a large amplitude, vibration intensity, low frequency and the technological characteristics of the flexible screen surfaces.The course of their work, always maintain maximum opening rate, high efficiency, large capacity, sieve easy to replace, reduce the cost.The shaker the oversized screen surface and large processing capacity to meet the production needs of the site.Shaker sieve structure using multi-stage screen surface the vibration sieve box and the rack does not participate in the movement of the vibration, the sieve to achieve a large-scale.

Shaker advantages

Mainly by the sieve box, exciter, suspension (or support) devices and electric motors and other components.Electric shaker machine V-belt drive the exciter spindle rotation, due to the imbalance exciter weight of the centrifugal force of inertia, vibrating screen box.Change the eccentric weight exciter to obtain different amplitude.The main advantage of the shaker:

  • Due to the strong vibration of screen box, reducing the phenomenon of the material clogging the sieve, the sieve has a high screening efficiency and productivity.
  • Simple structure, easy removable screen surface.
  • Screening per ton of material consumed less power.

Working Principle

Vibrating screens, two motors synchronized reverse rotation of the exciter reverse excitation force, forcing the sieve screen driven longitudinal movement, so that the material on the exciting force periodically thrown forward a range thus completing the materials screening operations.Suitable quarry screening sand and gravel, but also for coal preparation, mineral processing, building materials, electricity and chemical industries for product classification purposes.

Shaker Face the shaker body constituted by a strand of the roll axis aligned transversely oscillating or vibrating in one plane.Their flat trajectory is divided into linear motion, circular motion, elliptical motion and complex motion.Shaking screen and shaker in this category.Vibrating screens, shaking screen Crank as transmission parts.Motor through a belt and pulley drives the eccentric shaft rotation, by means of a connecting rod so that the body for reciprocating movement along a certain direction.

Body perpendicular to the direction of movement of the centerline of the strut or the hanging rod, due to the oscillating motion of the body, to move to the discharge end of the sieve surface of the material to a certain speed, the material also be sieved.Shaking screen compared to the several sieve, higher productivity and screening efficiency.The disadvantage is that the driving force is poorly balanced.General concentrator rarely use it, and the more structured shaker.