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Zenith production of sand washing machine is in line with the sand making an efficient use of bucket wheel sand washing equipment, used for cleaning the separation mechanism sand mixed powder and impurities, improve the quality of machine-made sand.It is the adoption of advanced technology, combined with the actual situation of the gravel industry, development and production with Sand efficient sand washing equipment, mainly used in construction sites, gravel plants, concrete hydro power dam site, concrete prefabricated workshop, glass quartz sand and oil wells back fill pressure sand washing, grading and dehydration.The sand washing machine with high clean, reasonable structure, large capacity, small power consumption, less loss of sand in the sand during the washing and other characteristics, especially its transmission parts with water, sand isolated, so the failure rate is far lower commonly used sand washing machine, sand washing industry, the upgrading of products.

3              洗沙机


This series of products applicable to construction sites, gravel plants, concrete hydropower dam site, post and electric pole needs gravel and casting “70” sand, glass, quartz, sand and oil wells backfill pressure sand washing, grading and dehydration processing operations applied to the fine-grained and coarse-grained materials, construction sand, gravel roads still as appropriate.

Applicable materials

cement, quartz sand, grit, slag powder, copper ore, iron ore, gold ore, concrete aggregate, asphalt aggregate

This series of products combined with Sand gravel industry, development and production of efficient sand washing equipment sand products, mainly for the removal of impurities (such as dust) machine, the device combines cleaning, dehydration, grading kinds of functions.

Working Principle

Sand washing mechanic for the motor through V-belt, reducer, gear drive slowly rotating impeller, the gravel feed chute into the wash tank, the impeller driven by rolling and grinding each other, remove the cover on the gravel surface impurities, destruction of the coated sand water vapor layer, in order to facilitate dewatering.At the same time, add water to create a strong water flow, timely away impurities and a small proportion of the foreign body and bowl discharge from the overflow outlet, clean sand and gravel is poured into the rotation of the impeller discharge chute to complete the cleaning effect of the gravel.


  1. Handling capacity, low power consumption
  2. And the less material loss, high efficiency washing
  3. Reasonable structure, stable operation
  4. Low failure rate, easy maintenance
  5. Long life, long-term no maintenance